Ruitian Technology

Global High Speed Blower and Air Knife Drying System Solution Expert

RAETTS is a China high-tech Centrifugal Blower and Air Knife Drying System manufacturer supplier combine with research and development, production, sales. We devote ourselves to give the world the most professional Air Knife Drying and solution systems to meet specific applications needs while maximizing energy efficiencies and lowering operating costs.

Our brand “RAETTS” high-speed centrifugal blower is widely used in semiconductor electronics, food and medicine, beverage, automotive industry, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, ultrasonic cleaning and other industries around the world. And we have helped more than ten thousand enterprises to improve competition. RAETTS inherits Germany’s advanced fluid dynamics technology and craftsman’s spirit. Our technology is derived from the world’s advanced design concepts and decades of experience in blower industry. On the other hand, RAETTS has the unparalleled R&D ability and business concepts, our products are based on solving the most difficult point of the customer.

We always work for creating value for customers and enhancing the core competitiveness of customers, at the same time, to achieve the sustainable development of Raetts.

Our engineers strive to achieve a perfect combination of utility and art when designing all components of RAETTS and we devote ourselves to this for the times! Each components or material of the RAETTS high-speed centrifugal blower is provided or co-developed by the world’s leading manufacturers in various field to ensure the safe and security operation of every blower from us.

Today,RAETTS is not only represents a perfect blower,but also a constant pursuit of high-end precision manufacturing,what is more,is the firm determination of China manufacturing to the world! Brands of RAETTS products have won numerous glory in every fields and won the trust of countless customers all over the world.