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Since the reform and opening up, a large number of enterprises, projects and products with “high pollution, high energy consumption and high carbon emissions” have become barriers to the development of an environment-friendly society.

In 2020, China formally put forward the goals of “Carbon Neutrality” and “Carbon Peak”, and the carbon reduction task of enterprises is extremely urgent. The general Secretary Xi JinPing stresses out :To achieve peak carbon neutrality is the internal requirement for implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development.With the industrial dream of serving a large number of enterprises with “energy conservation and consumption reduction” in mind, RAETTS has been committed to the research and development of technological products with “energy conservation and consumption reduction, environmental protection and efficiency” since its establishment, from winning various awards through entrepreneurial competitions with innovative products, to becoming a national high-tech enterprise.

For over a decade, RAETTS has focused on the research and development, production, and sales of energy-saving blowers and compressors; Along the way, RAETTS has grown from zero to a company with nearly 200 people, from a small company of several hundred square meters to a national high-tech enterprise. Now, branches have been established in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hebei, Chengdu, Guangxi and other places, from a single high-speed centrifugal air blower product line to the development of air suspension blower , magnetic suspension blower and air suspension compressor, Let us continuously fulfill the social mission of “energy conservation and consumption reduction” and become a pioneer enterprise in the dual carbon era.

In the past, China’s core technology of wind turbines relied on imports. Faced with the blockade of core technology, many business owners had to “buy, use, and repair” wind turbines at very high prices. However, imported wind turbines from abroad are highly energy consuming, expensive to operate and maintain, also have high maintenance costs, it caused unbearable suffering for enterprises. RAETTS has absorbed the world’s advanced wind turbine technology achievements, introduced an industry research and development elite team, invested heavily in innovative research and development for more than ten years, successfully conquered the core technology of wind turbines, broke foreign technical barriers, innovative developed wind turbines suitable for various operating conditions and production environments, and enabled global customers to use energy-saving blowers with more cost-effective performance.


The witness of customers is the best reputation. So far, RAETTS has served more than 10000 enterprises worldwide in wastewater treatment, raw material pneumatic conveying industry, surface cleaning and drying industry, etc. The energy-saving effect of our blower is more than 30% higher than traditional blower, it can make enterprises to quickly save energy, reduce consumption, improve quality and efficiency, and promote enterprises to achieve the established “dual carbon” targets as soon as possible. More energy-efficient, smarter, and empowering!

Based on the trend of Industry 4.0, RAETTS Intelligent company has developed into a leader of intelligent solutions for “energy supply, storage, consumption, and energy conservation”. Take care of the green mountains and rivers, protect the Earth Mother – RAETTS takes this as a social responsibility, constantly iterates and innovates, and strives to move forward!

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