Mountains remain apart,but people do meet|China’s RAETTS donated 80,000 disposable medical protective masks to Germany!

On the afternoon of 8 April 2020, a special truck full of epidemic prevention materials left from RAETTS Hi-Tech Park in Dongguan China. Forty boxes of medical-grade protective masks, 80,000 pieces in total, donated by RAETTS Guangdong company to Germany will be transported by Hong Kong flight to Braunschweig, RAETTS’ location in Germany, for local epidemic prevention and control, as an expression of the deep friendship between our Chinese and German people.

The flags of China and Germany shine brightly on the plain cardboard boxes, and the slogan “Mountains remain apart, but people do meet” is a German folk proverb that describes the long history of interaction and deep friendship between the people of China and Germany. Return Goodwill in Kind, history leaves a residual warmth.

Previously, RAETTS GmbH of Germany had donated related epidemic prevention materials to China when the new crown epidemic broke out in Wuhan:On 08 February 2022, when it was known that supplies were in short supply in Wuhan, the General Manager of RAETTS Guangdong immediately contacted the head of RAETTS Germany to dispatch and collect supplies from overseas to support the troops and medical staff fighting on the front line in Wuhan City.RAETTS is a responsible and committed company.

On 18 February, 100,000 disposable medical rubber gloves collected by RAETTS GmbH arrived in Dongguan, China, with the free assistance of China Southern Airlines, and arranged to deliver them to the front line of the anti-epidemic on the same day to escort the front-line anti-epidemic fighters.

Now, in April, the new crown epidemic in China is under preliminary control, and at this time the epidemic is spreading all over the world, and the epidemic situation in Germany, Italy and other countries is also very serious. RAETTS Guangdong company urgently raised funds to speed up the production of anti-epidemic masks, and at the same time urgently contacts cross-border logistics to speed up the delivery of epidemic-proof masks to the local government in Germany, hoping to deliver the epidemic-proof materials to our German friends at the first time.


At this time, due to the impact of the epidemic situation in various countries, flights between countries are very scarce.With the full cooperation of Chinese RAETTS and German RAETTS, on April 18, a flight carrying 80,000 disposable medical masks departed for Germany and arrived at Hamburg Airport in Germany in the early morning of April 21. On April 22, all donated masks were handed over to the local government in Germany. The handover of materials has been completed successfully, and our work has come to an end.

Well done, RAETTS people. Keep up the good work!

The time has come to April 29, 2022, the move of RAETTS won high praise from the German government and related media, and reported the warm deeds of RAETTS in local newspapers and promoted the deep friendship between China and Germany.

With the brand as the guide and the product as the core strength, RAETTS is an R&D and production enterprise mainly engaged in air bearing turbo blowers, magnetic levitation turbo blowers, high-speed centrifugal blowers and other products.

Supported by German technology and through strong cooperation with core suppliers such as Siemens and INVT, RAETTS is able to adapt to the ever-changing market demands and provide customers with individual energy-saving blower solutions for a wide range of applications.

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