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RAETTS air knife drying systems

RAETTS is one of the most important manufacturers of air extraction systems worldwide. Specializing in the R&D, production and vents and vents, we have adapted to the unlocking methods of different production lines to personalize the vents and vent systems Lames d’air en fonction. Additional customer requests.

Product Details

RAETTS provides air knife drying system solutions for Chinese famous brand including Wahaha, Wuliangye Group, Luzhou Laojiao, China Jinjiu, Snow Beer, Nestle, Gujing Gongjiu, Danone, C’estbon, etc., and has achieved good results. In order to adapt to the limitation of space in many current production lines, Raetts air knife and air knife system obtain ideal drying effect through various structural forms.

Provide tailor-made energy-saving blower and air knife solutions for global customers

RAETTS high-speed centrifugal blower and air knife drying system are widely used in: bottle and can production line drying; food processing and packaging process drying; pharmaceutical, medical production process drying die-casting parts; hardware cleaning and drying; industrial product cleaning and Drying; PCB circuit board; LCD display dehydration and drying; auto parts degreasing, dewatering, anti-dust and drying; textile industry dehydration and drying,etc.,

In order to adapt to the space constraints of multiple production lines, RAETTS high-speed centrifugal blower can be installed above, below or near the air knife area. This modular design has a compact layout and light weight, and can be quickly and flexibly connected. The structure of RAETTS air knife drying system can be changed according to different needs.Thanks to the stainless steel Raetts air knife system bracket,installation of the Raetts air blower system is very simple. These brackets can be confidently mounted to any conveyor system and allow for 5-axis adjustment when the production line needs to be changed quickly.

Compared with the compressed air blowing system, RAETTS air knife blower design is very energy-saving

General speaking,we need to use 40Hp compressed air drying system in the production line,but we only need to use 10Hp Raetts air blower/air knife system,which will meet the drying requirements and has better drying effect. The cost savings is 30Hp,which is excluding the cost savings of operation and maintenance of the refrigerated gas dryer, oil separator and the entire compression system, without air pressure fluctuations. Raetts air knife drying system can save energy by 75% and can guarantee continuous and stable drying effect. Raetts carefully designed and dimensioned all required nozzles and branchers to ensure a near zero pressure differential from the blower to the air knife.


Natural heating of compressed air facilitates drying operations

Raetts high speed Centrifugal Blower increases the gas temperature by an average of 45 F, which in turn is of great benefit to drying. In addition, Raetts Air Knife Drying systems can circulate the air through the centrifugal blower, thus increasing the drying capacity. Compact design reduces floor space occupation, Raetts centrifugal blower takes up little space and can be equipped with HEPA filter as an option,which is capable of filtering out 99.997% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or larger.The Raetts filter ensures that there is no particles entering and exiting the blower, which may pollute the product.

Suitable for air circulation to increase drying capacity

Products with moisture, products with holes, or products with water (such as: some plastics) need to increase the air temperature for drying operation. When we adopt the traditional method, without the use of an oven, some products cannot be completely dried. For these situations that require higher temperature airflow, Raetts air knife and air knife system can still meet your requirements. Compared with other methods, Raetts can save you a lot of equipment costs and operation costs.

Model selection:

RAETTS air knife drying systems is customized according to customer’s requirements,please contact us for more details if you need to customized your air drying system solutions.


RAETTS provides high efficiency and energy-saving system solutions for our global customers,contributing to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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