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RAETTS Konrad series portable air foil bearing blower(integrated VFD and HMI function,7.5-22kw)

RAETTS Konrad series portable air bearing blower incorporates foreign advanced technology, overturning tradition, integrated and modular design, maintenance-free products, can achieve a semi-permanent life, is a concentrated version of the air suspension blower. In addition to the advantages of the air suspension blower, it also has the advantages of “not occupying space, affordable price, flexible use of multiple scenes”.
Light weight up to 150kg, small volume up to 0.6m³, power saving rate more than 30%.


RAETTS Konrad series portable air bearing blower is a highly innovative and popular product of RAETTS Intelligence, with a weight as low as 150kg and a volume as small as 0.6m, with a power saving rate of over 30%, it has become a cost-effective product in the industry with the characteristics of being “exquisite, compact, and agile”, and is known as an energy-saving and noise reducing tool for small and medium-sized enterprise wastewater treatment systems.

Konrad small air bearing blower integrates advanced foreign technology, subverts tradition, integrates and modular design, and the product is maintenance free and can achieve semi permanent life. It is a concentrated version of the air bearing blower. In addition to the advantages of air bearing blower, it also has the characteristics of “space saving, affordable price, and flexible use in multiple cases”. At the moment when the country is heading for “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”, RAETTS’Konrad Small Air Bearing Blower was created, making great contributions to environmental protection.


1.Super energy-saving: Compared to traditional blowers, it can save more than 30% energy and more than 5% energy compared to similar blowers.

2.Ultra high efficiency: The comprehensive efficiency is as high as 87%, (the traditional Roots blower efficiency is only 55-60%).

3.Environmental protection and low noise: small size, light weight, no mechanical friction and vibration, no oil stains, and noise below 80dB.

4.Integrated construction: Integrated and modular design, more lightweight and portable, suitable for different working conditions.

5.Ultra long service life: Under normal operating conditions, the service life exceeds 25 years.

Core technology


Air suspension bearing technology: no lubricating oil is required, the energy loss is extremely low, and the efficiency is very high. 


Ultra-efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor: Motor efficiency reaches over 96%.


Ternary flow turbo technology: avoids the flow separation of the blades and ensures the best flow and efficiency.


 Intelligent management system: monitor parameters such as speed, temperature, pressure, flow, power, etc., to achieve unmanned service.


Other key technologies: original engine air cooling technology, two-stage compression technology, intelligent PLC control system;

RAETTS Konrad portable air bearing blower technique data sheet


RAETTS provides high efficiency and energy-saving system solutions for our global customers,contributing to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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