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RAETTS Coanda Effect Air Knife

RAETTS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air knives and air knife drying systems. We specialize in the R&D, production and sales of stainless steel air blades, German technology, high quality. We have a professional team who can customize the stainless steel air knives and air knife drying system according to customer’s needs.

Product Details

Based on Coanda effect and Air entrainment theory, RAETTS coanda effect air knife is manufactured by German workmanship and machines, this air knives are featured by a continuous, uninterrupted and big amount of airflow. RAETTS air knife system are widely used in all kinds of air rinsing systems and drying systems,such as ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning, blowing off the water and other liquid from the circuit board, electroplate, film, coating, nonferrous metal board/wire/sheet and other related materials.


Raetts coanda effect air knife is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning machine, circuit board, electroplating parts, coating film, coating, non-ferrous metal plate/wire sheet production and other industrial processes,for removing water and drying.This air knife system can also be used for barrier-free isolation of harmful gases,dust, cold/hot air;blown paper on printing and post-press drying; extremely rapid heating, thawing and high-temperature sterilization of food and medicine.

Air knives create a powerful air curtain that can be used in a variety of blow-off and air-cooling applications such as:

  1. Automobile industry: used for blowing off extra water, coolant, dust, debris, etc. in manufacturing, as well as blowing cooling, drying, and dust removal of steel plates before painting.
  2. Electronics industry: drying the Electronic circuit boards quickly before assembly.
  3. Beverage canning and bottle making: Before labeling, inkjeting or packaging of beverage bottles, blow off the water and attachments on the bottle mouth or body.
  4. Chemical industry: Blow off surface chemicals or moisture before labeling or packaging.
  5. Food and medicine: Before producing or packaging, blow off moisture and attachments, or remove dust from openings and bags before bagging.
  6. Metal industry: Blow off coolant or other liquids from metal surfaces; dry or cool the surface before polishing, electroplating, and painting processes.
  7. Rubber and plastic industry: blowing off dust or debris on the surface of the product;drying before extruding; cooling after injection molding.
  8. Printing (inkjet): blow off dust, debris, and water vapor before printing and inkjeting, or use it to quickly dry the ink.


★ Specially extruded air knives outlet, giving continuous and controllable air stream towards targets.

★ Teardrop shape and improved air entrainment design, providing high speed, continuous and stable air flow.

★ Anti-corrosion and anti-leakage end cover design.

★ Customized air knives length up to 6 meters.

★ It can withstand the highest airspeed of 400m/s, the highest temperature resistance up to 250 ℃, the highest pressure resistance up to 5kgf / cm2.

★ Can be used with RAETTS high-speed centrifugal blowers, RAETTS high-pressure blowers.

★ Optional inlet specification and positions to fit for different kinds of screw or hose connections, which makes the installation much easier.

Technique data sheet:

Model:RTKED series            Air source:RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower

Air outlet port:0.8-5mm        Air inlet port size:51

Air knife length:100-3000mm     Pressure resistance: 2 kgf/cm2

Air speed:max 400m/s            Temperature resistance:250℃

Material:aluminum alloy         Performance:Anti-corrosion, anti-rust

Model A B C D Air knife type
RTKED-C-51-B 51 0.5-3 100-3000 M8 E1
RTKED-C-63-B 63 0.5-3 100-3000 M8 E1/E2
RTKED-C-76-B 76 0.5-3 100-3000 M8 E1/E2


1.Model description of the RAETTS Coanda effect air knife. For example Model RTKED -76-500-1.5-R1-E1 means that the air inlet at one end has a size of 76 mm, the valid length is 500 mm, and the width of the opening-gap is 1.5 mm. ( E1 means standard type. The Coanda effect air knife can only enter the wind through both ends.)

2.The air inlet selection code is R.( R1 means that the air knife enters the air at one end, and R2 means that the air knife enters the air at both ends.)

3.C means the valid length of the air knife, not including the thickness of the end caps on both ends of the air knife. As mentioned in the above example, the 500mm air knives’ valid length is excluding end caps off both ends. Actually, the installation length is 508mm.

4.The unique blade design of the RAETTS Coanda effect air knife(one side high, one side low, the air knife drying effect is significantly improved. Therefore, it is important to distinguish the direction of the knife-edge during installation. The lower side of the air knife-edge faces the direction in which the work piece needs to be blown dry.

5.If the size is beyond those sizes in the chart, please contact with us for more details.


RAETTS provides high efficiency and energy-saving system solutions for our global customers,contributing to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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