RAETTS Explorer high speed centrifugal blowers are widely used in bottling and canning production line drying, food processing and packaging process drying, hardware parts cleaning after drying, industrial products cleaning steam and drying, PCB circuit board, LCD display water removal drying, auto parts oil removal, water removal, dust prevention drying, textile industry water removal drying.

RAETTS Explorer Series Super Blower offers unparalleled performance of other similar energy efficient high speed blowers. It is designed using RAETTS’s advanced aerodynamic technology, combined with ternary flow theory. We have redesigned the impeller and runner of the blower to save more than 30% electricity than similar energy-saving high speed centrifugal blowers.

  Product Advantages:

  1. Higher efficiency (up to 85%): Underthe same energy consumption and pressure, the flow of Explorer super blower is more than 30% than the similar energy-saving high speed centrifugal blower.
  2. Lower energy consumption:EXPLORER-100 7.5kw produces the same pressure flow as RAETTS-100 11kw, it means customers can save an additional 25,000 kWh of electricity per year on top of the original energy savings.
  3. Longer life: Directly driven by high speed motor inverter, without other wearing parts such as belt and tensionsystem, it has higher stability and longer life.
  4. Wider adaptability: Only 50% of the size and weight of the belt-driven series high-speed centrifugal blowers, easier to install and transport. Choose the European standard IE3 or IE4 permanent magnet high efficiency motor, special models can withstand temperatures of 200°C, even if the inhalation of water steam can still be normal operation.
  5. Unparalleled control system: Explorer Series super blower is equipped with the control system developed independently by RAETTS, which allows you to view the blower’s operating speed, frequency, voltage, current, temperature, etc. through the cell phone APP; in addition, the APP can also realize fault alarm and remote stop and start, so that the 24-hour operating condition is under control.

Technical parameters and working environment:

Model: EXPLORER-(65-350)
Design Pattern: Single pump body
Motor Standards: IEC/NEMA
Motor Power:3.0-22KW KW
Flow:1200-3000m³/h m3/h
Rated Blowing Power):140-380mbar(24.0Kpa)
Rated Suction Power): 140-380mbar(24.0Kpa)
Ambient Temperature:-12°C -40°C
Inlet Air Temperature): 52°C

Model selection table&installation size:


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