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RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower(belt type)

Centrifugal fans in large companies are mainly used in the automotive industry, electronics industry, chemical industry, nutritional and medical industry, food industry, canning and wood processing, as well as in the rubber and plastic industry, the printing industry, civil construction, the machines and the material etc. Specified in the water. After the process of post-processing the wooden parts, the car is pressurized and vacuumed, the circuit prints are vacuumed and vacuumed production lines, laundry or net yage of the fabric. , elimination of water and dirt before conditioning legumes and fruits, cleaning of conveyor belts, cleaning of fumes from engine work, removal of plaque on mantels.

Product Details

RAETTS Intelligent Equipment (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of blower and air knife drying system in China. With air suspension and magnetic levitation production line, more than 30% energy saving than traditional blowers, professional research and development, production and sales of large and small high-speed centrifugal blower with large air flow and super power saving capacity.

RAETTS high speed centrifugal blowers with large air flow and super power saving capacity (2-3 times higher productivity and more than 60% power saving).

RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower adopts the world’s advanced fluid mechanics principle design, combined with the aircraft turbine power system, it has ultra-low energy consumption, large wind pressure, super high wind speed and large flow. The drive design allows the pump head impeller speed of 13,000 – 284,00 rpm, which results in ultra-high air pressure and large air flow while obtaining ultra-fast air speed.

High speed centrifugal blowers are widely used in the automotive industry, electronics, chemical industry, food and medicine, steel industry, beverage canning and bottle making, rubber and plastic industry, printing industry, civil engineering, machinery and hardware, etc. Specifically in water and dust removal and drying of automotive parts, high pressure air drying after beverage filling process, water and dust removal and drying of display circuit boards, pre-treatment before electroplating or painting, cleaning of working environment on production lines, drying or cleaning of fabrics, water removal and drying before packing of vegetables and fruits, cleaning of conveyor belts, cleaning of smoke exhausts during engine testing, cleaning of plates in strip mills.


Working Environment:
Ambient Temperature: -12℃-40℃
Inlet Air Temperature<52℃(Water-cooled models)<150℃ )
Design Pattern: Single pump body

Installation Dimension Drawing:

Advantages of RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower:

  1. 1.Using the European IE2/IE3 standard ABB high energyefficient motor, oil-free operation, output air is clean without any oil pollution.
  2. Special transmission structure (impeller speed up to 13000~28400r/min)
  3. The surface adopts Teflon anti-corrosion coating, suitable for acidic and corrosive environment operation
  4. Using Sweden SKF and Japan NSK original genuine highspeed precision bearings to ensure high speed operation and stability
  5. Special fluid design, energy efficiency ratio of up to 70% or more (more than 2 times than ordinary high pressure blowers)
  6. Super air flow and super power saving ability (improve 2-3 times productivity and save more than 60% electricity)

Model Selection table:

Model Standard Power Flow Blowing Pressure Suction Pressure Weight
RAETTS-70 IEC/NEMA 4.0KW~5.5KW 120-1200m/h 180mbar(18.0KPa) 160mbar(16.0KPa) 66-93Kg
RAETTS-85 IEC/NEMA 7.5KW~11KW 144-1444m/h 259mbar(25.9KPa) 224mbar(22.4KPa) 75-135Kg
RAETTS-100 IEC/NEMA 11KW~15KW 170-1700m/h 241mbar(24.1KPa) 220mbar(22.0KPa) 88-165Kg
RAETTS-150 IEC/NEMA 15KW~18.5KW 255-2124m/h 290mbar(29.0KPa) 270mbar(27.0KPa) 98-185Kg


RAETTS provides high efficiency and energy-saving system solutions for our global customers,contributing to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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