Air bearing turbo blower (0.4-1.5bar)

RAETTS air bearing blower adopts aviation turbine technology, since there is no physical friction between impeller and shaft, so it is no need to do maintenance for…

Maglev turbo blower (0.4-1.5bar)

RAETTS maglev turbo blower is R&D and designed by Germany advanced magnetic suspension technology, and adopts active levitation magnetic bearing, no friction between bearing and rotor.

Turbo compressor (1.5-4bar)

Maglev turbo compressor is a high-tech product integrating mature technologies such as magnetic levitation, frequency conversion, high-speed permanent magnet sy…

RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower(belt type)

RAETTS high speed centrifugal blower adopts the world’s advanced fluid mechanics principle design, combined with the aircraft turbine power system, it has ultra-low energy consumption, large wind pressure, super high wind speed and large flow.

Maglev centrifugal chiller

The RAETTS maglev centrifugal chiller unit oil-free variable frequency mainly solves the problems of traditional centrifuges, screw machines, and piston machines that have…


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